Monthly Archives: February 2011

Why it is important for your local business to get involved in online marketing now

Why is it important for a local business to get involved in online marketing now ? Well the simple answer is that in today’s online connected world, that’s where your customers spend a lot of their time. In the past your customers read magazines & newspapers to get the celebrity dope & product information they […]

A Happy Customer Is Good For Everyone’s Business

We’re in the middle stages of a client’s site redesign and this has gone through a few mock up revisions. After about one week’s time (not at all unreasonable) a decision was made as to which design style to move forward with for the new site. Then something happened. The client began speaking to friends […]

Traffic Growth – A Good Success Indicator

We check our client’s site analytics regularly to monitor the activities, and for one of our clinets with a recently relaunched site, the short term numbers are very promising. This particular company has had their website up for quite a few years but never really used it as a marketing tool, more like an online brochure to which prospective clients could […]

Working closely with local business owners

As Internet Marketing professionals we work very closely with local business owners every day. Each business is unique as are the owners, but the way we approach their internet marketing is the same. We learn what the owner wants to do, what has been successful for them in the past, why they want to do […]