For local business owners, using the Internet as a marketing tool is essential

For local business,  using the Internet as a marketing tool is essential and includes:
  • having & maintaining a good website with useful content that is easy to navigate
  • ensuring all organic SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is in place
  • blogging regularly with again useful and interesting content
  • building back-links from other relevant sites to strengthen your sites ranking
  • if budget allows engaging in a pay-per-click campaign at appropriate spend levels to attract sufficient click that become conversions to customers
  • email marketing
Some of our clients have us do all of this on a regular basis, others have us do it in steps. In either case the take-away is that the Internet can be a valuable marketing tool for a local business owners, enabling those who search for goods & services to find your company, and become new customers. All it takes is time, knowledge and a dedication to doing the basics on a regular basis.
Oh, and running your business at the same time!