Why We All Need Monthly Analytics Reports

I’m amazed at how many business owners have a website for their business yet have no idea about what activities actually transpire on that site. Ask them how many visitors they had this month and how that compares to previous months traffic and you’ll get blank stares. This isn’t a statement against the business owner rather it is about the typical website developer and their overall lack of Internet marketing knowledge. Most web developers are good at the tech side yet never think about what happens after they deliver the site to the business owner. After all the business owner is not usually an Internet marketing pro, he’s running his business.

That’s why we insist upon instituting Google Analytics in each of our client’s sites and on each page of those sites. And we provide three consecutive monthly reports as well as guidance on how to read those reports so that the business owner can fully understand what’s going on with their websites, how it is performing and what strategic changes may be needed to ensure the business is getting proper value from their web presence. And we do this at the beginning of each month for the previous month’s activities.

A Google Analytics sample - FindMyLocalBiz always provides useful site traffic data.

We’ve just finished preparing a few analytic reports and a review has turned up some interesting data. For one of our client’s the referring sites performed better than the search engines in May. Search engine bounce rate was high, referring site rates were strong and time spent on the site from those referring sites was excellent indicating a valuable user experience. So what’s going on with the search engine results?

A deep dive into the client’s site reveals a partial answer. Clearly we’ve got to revise the content, tune the site navigation and modify the internal source code tags so that those finding the client’s site in a web search are receiving the information from the site they expected and rather than bounce off will stay for a longer period of time. We’ve started these conversations with the client and expect to resolve some of these issues within the next 60 days.

So that’s why we ALL need those monthly analytics reports – to keep us on track, enable strategic adjustments based upon facts and ensure we’ve created a website that’s delivering useful information to visitors and value to the business owner.

The real trick however is to analyse the data and then do something about it!