Submitting Your Business Site to Google, Yahoo & Bing for Indexing Is Easy

OK, I am about to reveal an Internet marketing secret that all business owners can do themselves to help their search engine results page rankings (SERPS).

If as a business owner you’ve got your site up and running, perhaps you’ve recently added a few pages or product information to your site. Now all you have to do is wait for customers to find you in online searches. Well unfortunately it isn’t that simple.

Kevin Costner in Field Of Dreams was wrong, just because you build it does not mean they’ll come.

Like everything else in this life, if you want it you’ll have to work for it. The good news is that submission of your site to the major search engines is not too difficult.

Simply put for the search engines to be able to include your site in their search engine results pages (SERPS) they have to know you’re there. Here are the easy steps you need to do to get your site indexed, just follow the links and the step-by-step instructions they provide:

Google logo

Yahoo logo

bing logo

We’ve seen it take as short as a few hours or even as long as a few days for your site to be indexed but it will happen and eventually you’ll see your page rank go up and your traffic increase.

Try these tactics and let us know how it worked out for you.