Marketing your business – a continual process.

With the summer ending and the fall season in full swing it makes one think that for many businesses this is the make-the-year period, when last quarter sales can push profitability from the red to the black. Some rely on seasonal advertising, others on simply the time of year to goose sales up.

However for many smart marketers,  building business and sales is not just an end-of-year push to the finish line. Rather it is an all year ongoing process, one that in this day & age should involve online components as well as traditional. Online now includes your website, email marketing, blogging, social media and even Youtube postings. The need to be everywhere your audience is has become so much greater than it used to be as your potential customers are being bombarded with sales messages from every direction – even on their smart phones!

So how does one local business stand ut in this overly crowded market? Here’s a few ideas:

1) Set a monthly budget dedicated to building your brand and extending your footprint

2) Develop a marketing plan for your vicinity and customer base, including all of the ways to reach these prospective customers.

3) Prioritize the marketing plan items according to your budget and those that you believe will have the most impact and ROI

4) Implement this plan; check and adjust monthly, revise quarterly.

5) Stick to the plan.

The biggest error we typically see is a business owner doing #1-4 above, then dropping the ball a few weeks into the plan as something else gets his attention.  That’s where we come in. For many of our clients we become the marketing department, drawing the plans, implementing and monitoring, reporting as we go. This frees up our clients to run their business yet not neglect the need to grow, attract new customers and generate profits.

So whether you do it yourself or bring in a professional marketing company to handle it, the main idea is to keep your marketing going… every week, every month and all year long.