How to know when you need a dedicated mobile website

The 2012 holiday season illustrates consumer trends that smart business owners will take notice of as well as act upon.

• According to released data, Cyber Monday activity was 26% greater in 2012 that it was in 2011, indicating that more and more people are using the Internet in every part of their daily lives.
• More interestingly, access during that period by mobile devices increased by 16%!
What this means to your business… as smart phones become the new norm of accessing information online, your company’s website needs to be properly optimized for mobile devices. Doing so is an indication to your clients and potential customers that your firm is technologically up to date, and by inference your entire businessis up to date as well.

We’re seeing mobile access to some client’s desktop sites now at 30% levels. Check your analytics, and if your website is being accessed by mobile devices from 25% – 30% it may be time for you to have a dedicated mobile site to better serve your clients and potential clients searching for and vetting your firm.

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