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“… leave a message at the tone”

“… leave a message at the tone” may be sufficient for your home or personal cell, but is it the same in a local business or professional situation? You work hard to develop new customers, to get them to call in to your business. Do new clients and customers calling in to your business for […]

Optimizing Your Website – a terrific Newsday article.

There is a terrific article in today’s Newsday (Long Island NY daily ) by Jamie Herzlich that talks about things any business owner can do to help their website perform better in search and in overall Internet marketing. While that is exactly what we do at FindMyLocalBiz, I think this article is a must-read to at least help you […]

Submitting Your Business Site to Google, Yahoo & Bing for Indexing Is Easy

OK, I am about to reveal an Internet marketing secret that all business owners can do themselves to help their search engine results page rankings (SERPS). If as a business owner you’ve got your site up and running, perhaps you’ve recently added a few pages or product information to your site. Now all you have […]

Small Business Marketing Tips for Local Business

We  just read this story that will be of interest to any local business owner, tips on how to market your company in today’s world. Go here to read it and watch the video, the let us know what you think.

Why We All Need Monthly Analytics Reports

I’m amazed at how many business owners have a website for their business yet have no idea about what activities actually transpire on that site. Ask them how many visitors they had this month and how that compares to previous months traffic and you’ll get blank stares. This isn’t a statement against the business owner rather it […]

The Power of Networking To Grow Your Business & Lessons Learned Along The Way

For the past few weeks we’ve been engaged in attending a variety of networking meetings. We’ve not only made some strong business contacts but met some very like-minded nice people. To get the full benefit of attending these networking events, meeting new people and making business connections requires a long term commitment. While we were […]

Google Tips

Came upon this blog regarding the new Google search criteria and how it effects local business and think you may want to have a look too. Useful info for all business owners who market online.

A Marketing & Business Blogging Site

Found this marketing & business blogging site that has a lot of useful info for social media and overall info, suggest you check it out at

First quarter SEO results are amazing!

As promised earlier we’d revisit the actual results of our SEO efforts after the first quarter of 2011 closed. And now that the quarter is over we – and our clients – are very pleased at the very positive results that proper on page SEO has organically generated. Here’s one interesting example, a client that had a […]

The True Value Of Strategic Partnerships

It is a buzz word or phrase often heard during business conversations – you need to develop “strategic partnerships”. Ever wonder exactly how to make those work in the real world? Well we’re fortunate to have some very strong partnerships, and while they center around delivering products & services from each of our companies back […]