Commodity services and open source technologies offer a great value, but there are often gaps in the level of support, particularly when it comes to integrating services. No one can “fix the Internet”, but we can often isolate, if not eliminate, problems that go well beyond the web site.

Hosting We have lots of hands-on experience with commodity web hosting and email services from dozens of top brands including, GoDaddy, Network Solutions, Yahoo, Verio, CrystalTech, Host Gator, iPower and more,

Domain & DNS We assist clients with domain retrieval, account recovery, private sale, escrow & brokering, and hostage situations.

Network & Proxy/Caching We are end-to-end troubleshooters who can isolate problems in a web proxy server or an end user’s computer.

Email Service We investigate and address problems with email servers, domain blacklisting, and DNS records.

Manual & Automated Testing We can test and monitor your web site to make sure your site is working optimally.

Web Applications. We work with many popular web applications such as Joomla, Drupal, ZenCart, Gallery 2.0 and WordPress, are built with the same underlying open source web technologies (PHP/MySQL).


We are happy to fix your short list – update copy and content, add or delete photos, fix broken links, set up Google Analytics, and anything else you might require regarding content and coding of your site. This may include changing menus, installing forms, and adding a content management system.


Installation: WordPress is a great content management system, but it does not improve with age unless you maintain it. WordPress updates are issued several times a year – often for security reasons. It is a good idea to keep as current as possible.

Plug-ins: Most WordPress sites utilize plugins, such as Spam Blockers. These are 3rd party components that come with compatibility and support issues as well as new features.

Performance: There are several different factors that can slow a WordPress site down and it is not obvious which one may be affecting your particular site. Is it the webhost, the content, or an internal setting? Whatever it is, we will diagnose and fix it properly.


Web Form Spam Unwanted form submissions can come from spammers, hackers or harmless ’bots. Most are annoyances, but if you’ve “had it” and are wondering if anything can be done, the answer is yes. We fix that.

Browers, and Monitors: New devices and versions can cause problems for older sites, especially sites that are not standards-compliant. We maintain web sites for all common browsers and display devices.

Site Migrations When moving a web site from one web host to another, we make sure the transition is seamless. We take great care not to let anything happen that will damage your site’s reputation with search engines or your customers.